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Become A Distributor

Leather Garments distribution opportunity:

Would you like to become a distributor of our luxury leather garments?
We offer several solutions for our wholesale customers. Be part of our Australian growth strategy with various business models for you to choose from and make a very healthy margin:

1. Drop Shipping:
Here we offer you the opportunity to have our products on your web site. This simple model allows you to sell our products and then simply order from us, we do the rest. We make, pack, and deliver directly to your customer. You carry no stock and have zero dollars investment required for our product images to place on your site. You sell, make the margin, and that's it. From there we do all the rest.

2: Samples in your brick-and-mortar store:
You decide which sample garments you’d like in your store. You make a retail sale and sell that actual sample or order the style from our web site with your special wholesale code, and we deliver direct to your customer. You make the margin.

3: Wholesale bulk:
If you’d like to carry bulk stock of various sizes, and get the maximum margin on the product, then, the larger the quantity, then the cheaper the garment piece price. Order your stock in bulk from us at wholesale prices, and we ship stock to your desired destination. Alternatively, we also offer warehouse management for a small fee if you prefer us to manage the stock. 

 4: In home sales:
Discover the fun of generating extra income from having parties. That’s right! We have a similar model to your typical party plan where you may like to host and distribute our products in a homely environment and make some money on a lovely Sunday afternoon. All you need is a suitcase, some sample jackets, and the desire to have fun selling our products in a casual environment. Get in touch to learn more.

This is an opportunity to be part of a huge Australian success story. 
Please send us an email to learn more:

PH: +61 0429 928 658 (Australia)