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Custom Options

1. Leather Colour Choices:

We provide a wide range of colours for you to choose from having the most popular colours, and ensure we hold these hides in stock. Should you wish to request a specific colour, we will most certainly be able to get it.

The colours we have available for you to choose from are: Black, Brown, Burgundy, Red Tan, Mustard, Pink Grey, Blue, Green

2. Hardware Colour Choices:

We also offer hardware colours which are the colours of your zips, buckles, and buttons. They include: Aluminium, Golden Brass, Black Oxidised, Antique Gold, Dull Silver, Nickel Silver, Antique Nickel Silver, Black Silver, Antique Brass, Light Antique Silver, Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Blue, Mixed.

Please see below our photo of the various YKK zip colours available.

3. Leather types options:

We have sourced the world for the finest choice of 100% real top grain leather and will only supply ethically manufactured hides. From the product page when you click on the "Tailor or Custom made" button You can choose from the following:

Sheep Nappa:

This is the most widely used type of leather in garments. Most of our designs are made using sheep leather. It's soft, strong, subtle and allows for firm fitting designs to hug your body shape well. We use it exclusively for pants, dresses, and skirts. Also for looser fitting designs will hang extremely well and is very light.


A thicker hide, and again very strong. A heavier hide and has characteristics that are less subtle or flexible. A solid hide that weighs more, and more suited to jackets rather than skirts, dresses or pants. Thicker, heavier, and has higher temperature barrier characteristics. Can be a preference for a biker jacket if you're actually wanting a sturdier robust skin.

Cow suede:

Same as the cow hide above but finished in the suede look. Essentially as the back of the hide. Rich textures, has elegant strong presence, and when dyed in various coulours presents evenly with bold lines.


A halfway between the sheep and the cow leather, yet naturally a stiff finish as a top grain leather. It presents well, follows contours suitably but costs more in the production process due to the rough finish found naturally on this hide. Not a common choice as a finished tanned leather. Some people may request it as a preference.

Goat suede:

Essentially the goat hide, finished inner side suede. Beautiful rustic finish, and will have certain blemishes on it that add to the character. A more expensive process to finish this suede well, and not the smoothest finish.


Not the most common, and therefore the most expensive hide. This leather is certainly heavy, common for leather bags and shoes. It can be used for leather jackets presenting a solid, heavy finish that will only look its best after several years of wear. But as it forms to your body, and wears in, it is an exceptional looking leather. Again, not used for dresses, skirts or pants.

A note on our sourcing:

If you have a particular type not in our standard range, just let us know and we will do our best to assist in sourcing and pricing it for you. Please note that we will only source ethically farmed leathers and will not assist sourcing any hide farmed or collected in any unethical manner.

4. Lining options:

We offer a variety of lining options for you: Polyester, Cotton, Silk, Polyester padded, Cotton padded or Silk padded:

We offer quilted and non quilted lining. Quilted or sometimes called padded is for extra thermal qualities. In other words, be much warmer with padding added. 

5. Lining colour options:

So with lining colour, in order not to confuse you, we have made the following options available: 

Best Matching: Leave it to us, and we will use best matching lining as commonly used. 

My Choice: You tell us what you want if not on the standard list, and we will do our best to find it for you.

Pattern match per photo: We will do our best to match as close as possible to the photo pattern. With a pattern lining it is difficult to always have what is in the picture available as the photos we took can be from a long time ago.

Also basics like:Black, Red, Brown, Blue.

6. Pocket options:

We offer options for inside pockets as we believe these need to be a choice not only for men's jackets, but also for women's jackets. The options we offer are:

Standard size inner LHS

Standard size inner RHS

Standard size Both Sides

Mobile phone size inner LHS

Mobile phone size inner RHS

Mobile phone size inner both sides

We're always here to assist you if you have any request for more or no pockets. Just let us know and we can work it out.

Some options are no extra charge, whilst others have added cost. Send us an email with your custom choices and we will price it up for you.