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50% Deposit T&C

50% Deposit payment offer Terms and Conditions:

The 50% deposit is not automatic in our payment gateway (the checkout). You need to contact us to set it up for you.

This is an in store offer to assist you in securing your favourite items with just 1/2 the money down. The balance needs to be paid off before we ship the goods. Normally in 4,6 or 8 weeks. (sometimes longer if you need)

We are not a finance company, we are a small family business and are offering this option to spread out the payments to help our customers. We do not charge interest, and there is no contract to sign.


We make your garment from scratch every time, and sometimes you may need more time to pay it off, and that's ok. We are not offering any finance. We progresively build your item, and offer the small steps of payments in easier bite size chunks, in line with that progression of work.

We call it a family friendly option.

Unfortunately, if you change your mind, we can not refund the deposit as the leather pattern will have been cut and ready for the next stage of production as soon as you make the next payment.

If you cancel, we can only offer store credit back to you, less the administration and labour costs which are equal to 40% of the deposit.


So if you paid a deposit of AU$400, and you decided to cancell:

We will not refund.

We will provide store credit of 60% of your deposit = in this example AU$240.

We end up stuck with the leather in it's cut state, and we then need to wait for another customer at random that chooses the exact product, that design, that colour, that and style. This rarely happens, so we kindly ask that careful consideration takes place before a deposit is paid.

To be perfectly clear, we do not refund . All our leather garments are bespoke items that we make to order. We do not have finished goods in a rack of various sizes to exchange. We make all our real leather garment items as a custom piece only after it is orderred.

We offer 50% deposit as an option to start the work, and we give you time to pay us the full amount before we undertake final production and ship the goods.

Minimum lead  time for 50% deposit orders is 7 weeks, but can be longer or shorter depending on your personal request and payment arrangement.

The 50% deposit is not automatic in our payment gateway. (the checkout)You need to contact us to set it up for you.

Please contact us if you would like to take up the 50% deposit option by email, or phone call or by IG message.(Remember we are in Australia)

Many thanks, and Happy Shopping! 

Phone: (+61) 429928658 Australia