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Leather care

Leather Cleaning

Proper care and treatment of your leather garment will not only enhance the appearance but will also ensure its longevity.
• Using a soft brush, gently brush the garment to remove any dust.
• Clean your jacket using just cold water, and dampen a cotton cloth and gently wipe down the outside of the jacket. Avoid using hot water. Do not apply to any areas with fur as this will detrimentally damage the fur.
• Remove any excess water with a dry cotton cloth or a sponge and then shake off to ensure that no water marks are left on the jacket. Should water marks appear please use a damp sponge and wipe over the affected area before once again removing excess water.
• On suede in certain instances it is possible to remove light and soft stains with an eraser.
• Allow to dry by hanging the garment in a sufficiently ventilated area, far from direct sources of heat (radiators, etc.) and direct sunlight.

Doing any of the following will damage or remove the proofing and may void the garment’s warranty:

  1. Do not dry clean.
  2. Do not machine wash.
  3. Do not tumble dry.
  4. Do not use soap or detergent of any kind.
  5. Do not use solvents or bleach.
  6. Do not iron or starch.
  7. Do not force dry or expose to a direct flame.
  8. Do not expose to direct sunlight for a long period of time (such as rear car window).

You want to avoid wrinkles in your jacket, which is why you need to hang your garment on a wide, padded hanger. Since leather is a natural material, it needs to breathe in a dry environment.

Do not store your jacket in plastic, this is because the film will dry the fabric out.
Use strong wooden hangers or padded hangers to store your leather coats and jackets, this will help in keeping the shape of your garment. Also, make sure to store the garment in a cool and dry place avoiding humidity and direct sunlight at all costs as it will dry and discolour the leather.
Try to avoid folding your jacket wherever possible.

Special Notes
It is a good idea to try and protect your jacket from heavy downfalls of rain where possible. Once leather gets wet, the natural oils in the material seep to the surface. When things heat up the oils can evaporate, leaving you with a jacket that’s dry and brittle. The best way to tackle the sudden down pour of water that you simply couldn't avoid, is to take a cotton cloth and remove as much of the excess water from your jacket. It’s then best to allow it to dry naturally.

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